What is Template Kings?

What is Template Kings?

Template Kings is the brainchild of Print on Demand by Merchiful, a print on demand manufacturer based in the Philippines.  Access to all resources on this website is included free in your membership to PrintOnDemand.com.ph.

Why Template Kings?

Template Kings is an essential resource of Photoshop mockups, pre-made designs, clothing patterns, photosets, and video templates which you can use for your online print on demand business.
Every product we put on Template Kings is an actual product that we manufacture in real-life!  To better understand our print on demand workflow, check out our 7 workflow steps below.
STEP 1: Create the Clothing Pattern

Our patternmaker creates an original pattern for a piece of clothing such as a t-shirt, hoodie, or polo shirt.  He creates this pattern in CAD (computer-aided design) software.  From there, we export the file and create a universal pattern for users to place their designs into.  You can download these pattern files on our Patterns Page.

STEP 2: Create the 3D mockup

Using the clothing pattern created in Step 1 above, our 3D designer then transfers the file into our 3D software where he transforms the pattern into an actual 3D model.  These 3D models are life-like representations of the clothing being worn by an avatar. From there, we convert the file into a Photoshop mockup where users can then apply their designs onto the 3D model.  You can see our full collection of 3D models on our 3D Mockups page.

STEP 3: Create the Flatlay Mockup

For the third step, we take the pattern file from Step 1 and send it to our sewing department where they will create an actual real-life sample of the garment using white fabric.  Once the sample is done, our photographer will take a photo of the sample laying flat on the floor.  Our graphic designers then transform the picture into a flatlay mockup so that users can apply their designs to the garment.  View our full collection of mockups on our Flatlay Mockups page.

STEP 4: Create a Clothing Design

Once we have a physical sample of the garment completed, our graphic designer can then create a unique design to be printed onto the garment.  These pre-made designs can also be used by users who wish to have instant designs for their clothing.  You can view our collection of designs on our Pre-Made Designs page.

STEP 5: Photoshoot

Using the design from Step 4 above, our sewing department then creates an actual physical sample of the garment with the design on it.  Our photographer then takes pictures of the clothing being worn by a model.  Users can then access the photos on our Photosets page.

STEP 6: Videoshoot

We also take videos of the product and produce short commercials which users can use to promote the product.  You can view our videos on our Video Templates page.

STEP 7: Sell the Product

With all these resources at your fingertips, our print on demand resellers can now promote and sell the product on their website.  Whenever you make a sale, send the order to us via our website PrintOnDemand.com.ph.  We will the manufacture the item, then ship the item directly to your customer for you.

Print on Demand Process

How Print on Demand Works

Now that you understand our overall workflow, you’ll understand how Template Kings plays a central role in our system.  Template Kings houses all the advertising content and tools necessary for print on demand dropshippers and resellers to start their own online business. You can then use our manufacturing facility via PrintOnDemand.com.ph to submit your orders, have them manufactured, then shipped out directly to your customer.

This is a true print-on-demand ecosystem since all our products are only manufactured after your customer places an order for it.  Print on demand has no minimum order quantity required to make an order, and best of all you don’t need to stock any inventory!

Want to learn more about Print on Demand?

Visit our main website PrintOnDemand.com.ph to learn all about our print on demand services.  If you have any questions about our tools and resources or have special requests for specific mockups or designs, feel free to reach out to us any time by tapping on the chat icon on the bottom of any page, or reach out to us on our Contact Page.