Speed Art – Rash Guard Design to Final Product!

Speed Art - Rash Guard

Watch our video below featuring the design work of Archie, one of our talented Template Kings designers.  From start to finish, you’ll witness the creation of a rash guard from its original design concept to the final product — printed, sewn, and worn on a model.

What is a Speed Art video?

Speed art videos are raw, fast-paced screen capture videos that record every movement that a graphic designer makes while designing their artwork.  Our Speed Art video is unique in that we not only show the designer’s raw skills at work, but we also show the final product after we’ve manufactured the item from the very design he created in the video.

Press play and watch our awe-inspiring Speed Art video below!

Make Your Own Rash Guards

If you feel inspired by Archie’s talent and want to create your own rash guard designs like his, head over to our Rash Guards mockup page where you will be able to download our rash guard mockups and place your own designs onto them.

Once your mockup is complete, use our rash guard pattern template to create the “print-ready” files, then upload the files to our rash guard ordering page so that you can order a physical sample of your rash guard!