Make a T-Shirt Flatlay Mockup with This Free Photoshop Template

Make a T-Shirt Flat Lay Mockup

Looking for a free t-shirt mockup?  If you have some designs and want to see them on a t-shirt, the fastest way to do it is with a Photoshop mockup. We’ll provide information on how to get a free t-shirt mockup below.

But let’s talk about flat lays first.  Anyone using Instagram knows how popular flat lays are. For those of you who don’t know what a flat lay is, they’re picture arrangmenets shot directly from above. Items in the picture are arranged and styled on a flat surface.

Making flat lays in real life can be a lot of work. You need to find the items to include in your photoshoot, need some good lighting, and have creative arranging skills. But what if you wanted an easier way to do it without doing all that hard work?

We’re here to teach you how to make your own flat lays using nothing but Adobe Photoshop and a few free resources you can find on the Internet.

Where to Find Free Flat Lay Designs

The first step to a successful flat lay mockup is to find a pre-made flat lay design that you like.  There are many stock photography websites like that offer flatlay designs for a fee, but what about free resources?  We downloaded our free flat lay picture from

Next, you’ll need to find an image you want to put onto the t-shirt.  For that, we got our free joystick pattern also from  Once you’ve downloaded both pictures, you’re ready for the next step.

How to Use Our Free T-Shirt Mockup

We’re providing a FREE Photoshop t-shirt mockup just for this tutorial.  Just send us a message and request your free mockup.  Once you have it downloaded and opened in Photoshop, follow the steps below.

Make a T-Shirt Flat Lay Mockup
STEP 1: Open our Photoshop mockup file, double click the layers that says "DOUBLE CLICK TO INSERT YOUR DESIGN" in this layer you can add the joystick image.
STEP 2: Arrange the joystick design layer until you like the way it looks.
Make a T-Shirt Flat Lay Mockup
STEP 3: Select all these layers, then tap the Create a New Group icon. Select the new group layer you created, right click and select “Merge Group”. Press CONTROL A to select everything, then cut the file (press CONTROL X). Now go to your flat lay image and press CONTROL V to paste your t-shirt mockup onto the flat lay image.
Once you’ve added your t-shirt mockup to the flat lay image, you’ll need to properly scale the objects in the flat lay so that they’re proportional to the size of the t-shirt. Since this involves a number of steps, we’ve made a video explaining the steps in detail.
Press the play button on the video below to watch how it’s done.

After you’re done following the steps in our video above, you can proceed the following steps:

Make a T-Shirt Flat Lay Mockup
STEP 4: Rotate the t-shirt until it’s in the position you want, then tap the “Add a layer style” button, then “Drop Shadow”.
Make a T-Shirt Flat Lay Mockup
STEP 5: Copy these settings for your drop shadow and press OK.

The Final Product

And there you have it!  Here’s the final t-shirt flat lay mockup in its final form, created with FREE resources and nothing but Photoshop.

Want Access to More Mockups?

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