How to Create Stunning Social Media Ads for Your Print on Demand Business

Make a Banner with 3D Mockups Shirts

Want to boost your social media advertising with awesome-looking ads?  In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to make your own 3D mockups showcasing your amazing print on demand designs.  Using mockups found on our 3D product mockups page, we’ll teach you just how easy it is to create the graphic we made above.

Where to Find Good Background Images

For the first step, you’ll need to find yourself a good background image for your ad. There are a number of websites offering background images that you can download for free.  Here are some websites that are offering free backgrounds:,, and Other websites such as and Adobe Stock offer paid subscriptions but offer a terrific selection of vector backgrounds.

Once you’ve found a suitable background graphic, follow our steps below.

Make a Banner with 3D Mockups Shirts
STEP 1: Open your background image in Photoshop, then add your 3D clothing mockups to it.
Make a Banner with 3D Mockups Shirts
STEP 2: Once you've arranged your mockups in the scene, add shadows to make the apparel appear more realistic. First, use the "Ellipse Tool (U)" to create a black oval shape beneath your first item. Right click on your new shape's layer, then select "Rasterize Layer". Go to >Filter >Blur >Gausian Blur, and set the radius around 30px. You can then resize the blurred shape and position it beneath one of your mockups.
Make a Banner with 3D Mockups Shirts
STEP 3: Now it's time to add shadows to the two remaining shirts. With the original shadow layer selected, press CTRL+J to duplicate it. You can then place your new shadows beneath the other shirts in your scene.

The Final Product

Here’s the final advertising graphic after completing all the steps above.  What do you think?  If you’re ready to make your own graphic like this one, visit our Apparel Mockups Page, download some mockups you like, then make an ad that you can be proud of!